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Moving into a new property is a fresh, thrilling experience. You get to walk into that door of a house you can now call your own. Whether it is something you bought or are currently renting, this property is an investment of your money and memories. And as an important part of your life, you need to protect it by performing a crucial lock re-key.

Lock re-key is a smart security improvement technique that requires the changing of the pins inside the lock's barrels. When this is done, the old key wouldn't work anymore. It is a more affordable alternative to lock change, which requires an installation of new hardware on the entrances. It's a quick and easy solution for new homeowners to protect their properties and at the same time, save money.

There are many instances which may employ a good lock re-key in Greenville, SC. If you just move into a property, you must be aware that it must have been owned before, and former residents may still have the key. They will be able to go in and out of your own home without a hassle. In order to avoid these situations, it is good to have your property re-keyed.

This technique must also be done after break-ins. If theft occurred in your home, you need to fortify your security by changing your locks, and adding up a few more durable installations for each of your entryways. You may want to use electronic codes, digital locks or controlled key systems, which are all easy to use.

This technique requires experience, equipment and efficiency. You need to call your local expert locksmiths to perform re-keying for you. Some processes require greater effort, such as the four cylinder lock rekeys. When the wrong pin is manipulated, you may be locked out of home.

If you are looking for quick, timely and professional re-keying solutions, call American Key & Lock. There’s no other company who can offer 4 decades of excellent work and satisfying results within the community.

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