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For more than 40 years, American Lock & Key has been serving the community with efficient, affordable and trustworthy locksmith solutions. Our company has been established since 1971, the passing of years by which we achieved a good track record of approval and satisfaction from our residential and commercial customers. A symphony of generations, American Lock & Key performs traditional locksmith services as well as high-end, modern security conveniences. We offer the best of both worlds and with our range of capability and experience, we promise to comply with your every lock and key needs.

We understand the human tendency to misplace or forget things, especially items as small as keys. Losing keys involve stress, because it keeps your property out of touch. As a homeowner, driver or an office manager, we know how important it is to resolve security problems in a fast and efficient manner. This is why we offer our services, 24 hours a day, making our specialists available to you, whenever you need us.

Whether you have deadbolts, mortise or electronic pin locks, we have expert locksmiths ready to deal with the task. Our members have gone various trainings and courses, learning about the ins and outs of this essential hardware. We have specialists who handle traditional locks, as well as those who cater to more modern security options. Calling us means you’re not willing to take a risk at just about any company. You’re in for good results, prompt response and excellent solutions from the best locksmiths around.

We don’t just perform repairs and replacements. We do installations to. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that your home won’t easily be intruded. Discover our range of products and lock choices and upgrade your home’s security today.
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